About Port Valet and Onboard Airline Check-In

With Port Valet, check-in your luggage for your flight at the end of your cruise to avoid waiting in lines at disembarkation and at the airport. Plus you can enjoy Seattle luggage-free! Receive your airline boarding pass(es) and luggage tags in your stateroom the night before your flight, tag your luggage and leave your bags outside your stateroom door. We will take care of the rest!

Your checked luggage will be transported to your airline the next morning and the next time you will see your luggage is at the baggage carousel at your final destination airport.

*Participating airlines and departure times vary by ships sailing out of Seattle.

*Domestic and International flights are accepted with the exception of Delta Air Lines. Delta Air Lines only allows for domestic flights only.

*Enroll in the service online up until the evening of the 1st day of your cruise at 4:00 PM. Any enrollments made after this time will not be accepted. However, after this time, you can sign up onboard.

*This service is free for all passengers flying out of Seattle and is generously provided by the Port of Seattle for all cruise passengers on flights leaving after 11 AM on disembarkation day and before 1:30 AM the following day.

*Airline-assessed baggage fees will be applied to your onboard account when applicable as per your airline's rules.

Participation Exceptions:

*Please be advised that the cruise ship can cancel the service onboard at any time and not offer the service. Service may be canceled due to operational changes that may impact the cruise, itinerary changes, weather, system connection, etc."

*Due to Homeland Security Regulations, TSA, and your airline, we cannot guarantee that all guests will be able to check in via our remote system. In that event, we will notify you the night before arrival and provide regular colored tags. You will then need to check in at the airport as you would normally do.

All guests are subject to US Customs regulations and screening upon disembarking at your port of arrival. On rare occasions, CBP may request you and your party for additional screening. In this case, the cruise line will refund you all any baggage fees that were charged onboard.

How does Port Valet work?